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Always in Panties
75 Images | 2 Videos

phil-flash's Avatar Here, we have a collection of 73 various pics of Dawn mostly wearing panties. There are two pics in which the panties came off... that's because I had just fucked her. She was wanting to go to the toilet afterwards, and I made her stay for a few "just been fucked pics".

BTW... those two pics... you can see her natural pubic hair growth pattern... so fucking hot!

This set is real treat for you voyeur types out there. Yes, Dawn has a website and is a model. But this stuff... this is not modeling content. This is my personal stash... and you get to see it.

The video includes footage of me jiggling and playing with her ass while she is trying to go to sleep. Then there is Dawn practicing on the stripper pole... she's so friggin hot!

There is a five minute clip of her making a sandwhich in the kitchen, and I decided to throw bologna at her ass and see if I could get it to stick. That was funny as hell to watch back!

Then there is 18 minutes of her sitting there watching TV. Call me wierd... but I...